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Garrett | Danny | Gideon | Joe

The Story So Far...

Formed in 2005 from the remnants of the juggernaut that was Large Marge, Goodbye Valentine arose from the mutual need of Singer/guitarist Danny Balistocky and bass virtuoso Gideon Ryan to ontinue rocking. The duo quickly got to work writing a new batch of songs and soon after recruited Maryland native Jeff Miklaszewski (Susan, Toothpick) on drums. The search was then on for a guitarist to round out this gang of rock misfits. Their paths converged with guitarist Garrett Baldwin (Marker, Craig's Brother), who had wandered far from his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA. With a now complete lineup, Goodbye Valentine quickly began booking shows around the LA area and became known for their uniquely constructed take on melodic rock and roll.

Goodbye Valentine's self released debut EP was released in June 2006 to great reviews from both fans and critics alike. The band followed the release with a 5 day stint on the 2006 Warped Tour and both days at Bamboozle Left in October, then returned home to continue playing shows and write and record more music.

In late 2006, Goodbye Valentine parted ways with drummer Jeff Miklaszewski and recruited Hope Republic alumnus Joe Herrera to fill in at booked shows while the search for a permanent replacement went on. Turns out the search was short lived; the band HAD found the right man and Joe became a permanent member in early 2007. His highly refined yet intense style of drums complemented the band perfectly, and only pushed the quality of their live show up a notch. After a spring spent holed up in the studio working on new music, the band debuted a batch of new songs and soon departed for a 2 week US tour in June, and returned to LA road-tested with a triumphant show at the world famous Troubadour in July.

With inspiration taken from such diverse bands as Foo Fighters, Descendents, Tool, and Iron Maiden, Goodbye Valentine has set out to create a sound truly their own. Showcasing their knack for intricately developed rhythms, guitar work and nail tight vocal harmonies, the band is bridging the gap between technical ability and good old fashioned pop rock.

Goodbye Valentine is currently playing locally in the LA area and recording what will become their debut full length cd. The new songs will further set the band apart from their contemporaries as one of the most innovative, tenacious and all around entertaining rock bands in recent memory. Fans far and wide have heard the magic and come running to shows. Jump on the train now, before it picks up too much speed!