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Thanks to everybody for coming out to the Knitting Factory show, we had a blast. It was so much fun, we are playing there again on the 30! Check the shows page for more info!

Hey, quick update! Last minute show TONIGHT at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, 10pm, $10 bucks! Come on out and say HI!

Due to reasons out of our control, the Good Hurt show was cancelled. Sorry about that, we really want to play there (and anywhere) and will reschedule it soon. Good news is we have a special Halloween show! Come celebrate with us in Newport Beach! Also, we have cheap tickets for the show on the 20, email Gideon for info. Otherwise, see you all at Bamboozle and in Fullerton!

Hey kids, felt like i should post an update or something. A few new things on the site here and there, check out the new media section and get some AIM Buddy Icons and some wallpapers. Also, check the merch section, where you can find the link to order our CD from Smartpunk and also order some of our sweet new shirts. Keep a lookout for new shows coming soon. Drop on by the Message Board and leave us some love. Otherwise, we will see you all at Bamboozle and Fullerton!

ok some people have been fucking with the boards and im super pissed. other than that we had a good show last night and it was cool seeing you folks. remember we got a big fat all ages show in noho on the 4th, and then the ALL IMPORTANT BATTLE OF THE BANDS on AUGUST 20TH!! thats a sunday, so no whiny bullshit about how you cant make it. besides us theres some decent bands so you wont be bored. most importantly, WE NEED YOU TO VOTE FOR US SO WE CAN MAKE IT TO THE NEXT ROUND. ill have more info on pricing and set times but PLEASE, make yourself available that night to come support us. tell you what, if we win the entire contest, i will tattoo everyones name who comes on me somwhere. no joke. thats it for now, excuse me, i must commit internet murder.


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