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ok, so far weve been to pomona, SF, and fresno, and weve had a blast. except fresno because i felt like i was 80 and having a heat stroke, but it turned out cool. its been great meeting you kids, and some have fallen victim to the squirt gun. sorry. we still got ventura and dodger stadium coming up, and theres talk of sacremento.. hmmm. stay in touch, big ups to our new fresno cheerleading squad.


New site is up and running! I redisigned the site for the release of our debut Self Titled EP. Check it out, hit the mesage board and let us know what you think. Minor changes will be made here and there. Oh, and hope to see every last one of you at the shows!

The moment you have been waiting for is here! Well... almost. Our debut EP will be out shortly. For now, you can preorder it and get some cool extra goodies! Head to the merch section and get on it!

The shows page is updated! We've got a ton coming your way, so head over and check em out. Also, be on the lookout for some changes to the music player soon... The artwork for our EP is almost done, we cant wait to show it off to everybody. We will for sure have em in time for our Warped dates, along with a grip of new stickers and shirts. See you all at the shows!

hey kids, tune into Idobi Radio on June 28th to hear Goodbye Valentine on the show! interviews, songs, shenanigans. check out, and IM us while we're on the show at "idobistar"

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