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Great news! We just confirmed 3 dates on this year's Warped Tour! We are on the Pomona, Ventura, and Los Angeles dates. Also, our EP is mixed and mastered and you can expect that in your grubby litle hands by late June. See you all at the shows!

Hey kids, hope to see you all at the show tonight at the Cobalt. Come on out and get your shirts, stickers, buttons and such and then get rocked by yours truly. See ya tonight!

Everybody stop being lazy asses and go vote for us on bodog's battle of the bands.

We've got a show coming up this Thurs, April 6 at Aura in Studio City. Hope to see you all there. I also put up a video clip on the Media page, go check it out. Dont forget to sign the mailing list, were gearing up to send out our first official newsletter. We just wrapped up a photoshoot today, so expect to see a lot more killer pictures up here and on our myspace. Speaking of, i had to take down the picture gallery for a short while while i work out some bugs. It'll be back soon enough. See you all Thurs!

Hey everyone! Check out the bottom of the site, i added a music player so you can rock out while you post it up on our message board. I also added some pics to the media section, check em out. The show on Friday night was a total blast, thanks to everybody who came out. We're gonna lie low for a short time while we record some of our new stuff, we can't wait for you to hear it. Check back often, as I will be changing up the songs on the player now and then, keep an eye on the tour page for new shows, and talk some smack on the board. See you all soon!

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