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Life is a tease and I am part of the struggle
Pull my strings so I'll do it again
be a doll and I'd love you forever
Cause time needs more time than forever again
And we'll last forever with blood in my hands and two fists full of drugs
We'll last forever not poison or pills could steal me from my love
Bad reverse of our roles when I'm sober
On my guard but I'm falling apart
Settle down as the tension is rising
Cause time has come for our forever to die
And now I'm seeing black and red
and if you want I'd see it for you
and if you want I'd be it for you

Please relieve me from the things
that keep me in this small confining place that i call home
The flesh that keeps you warm at night
that keeps in your insides is nothing more than politics
And now all we need is our soul dependency
to break our hearts into the animals we dream
and our tendency isn't ever quite the same as it might seem.
Behind my back you are my everything
Life is bondage in this cage
the cage is to ensure you that i am gonna be put down
death i am nothing but a shell
a shell of wasted life with a heart and soul of

Sincerely yours my head is in the oven
Dreams of false hope are breathing down my neck
I never thought I could lose my faith in idols
Cause I just forgot the meaning of our love
Hey Mr. Junkie I need your help for my fix
It hurts so bad like needles piercing skin
Cause I never thought I could be alone in this world
Salvations not the key to anything
And I'm down for everlasting shades
of perfectly contrasting Shadows in the darkness of the sun
And I'm down for everlasting shades of perfectly contrasting
Lovers in the barrel of a gun
Dear Planet Earth I've come to some conclusions
About the state of this lonely hearts club band
I never saw myself as pessimistic
I'd love to love and I'd hate to die alone
And I'm easy to pretend with
We can share our best regrets in ways
That people never dreamed of
Live for fun and kill to feed feed to kill
Breakdown skylights cause I'm coming the first time
I'd set aside my feelings I'd set aside these broken pieces
Hands that bind you make you man the hands that bind you make you stand

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